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Digital Book World Conference 2013

On-Demand Video from DBW 2013

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Experience the 2013 Digital Book World Conference+Expo - no matter where you are in the world - and join the world's largest gathering of digital publishing professionals. Watch and hear from CEOs and pundits as they discussed the state of digital publishing, presented valuable research and identified opportunities for growth and profit from eBooks.

You'll be able to listen to and view Digital Book World 2013 presentations on-demand.


Day 1 General Sessions

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks
  • An Industry in Transition
  • Publishing Industry Forecast: Results of the 2012 Publishing Executive Survey
  • The CEO's View of the Future
  • Lessons for publishing from President Obama’s 2012 campaign
  • Interviews with DBW speakers, attendees and winners of the 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards
  • eBook Pricing: State of Play and Analysis
  • Competing With Free: How Piracy Impacts Sales and Strategies to Fight it
  • Explaining XML : What it Is, How it Works and What You Need to Know About it
  • Investing in the Publishing Industry

Day 2 General Sessions:

  • The Authors’ View of the Industry
  • Case Study: Self-Published Author Hugh Howey
  • Straddling The Models: Authors Choosing to Both Self - and Traditionally Publish
  • Getting in the Game: Kobo’s Efforts to Help Indies around the World Reach the Ebook Marketplace
  • Interviews with DBW speakers, attendees and winners of the 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards
  • Book Discovery: Substituting Bookstore Discoverability with Metadata and Social Network Marketing
  • Selling Everything Every Way: Barnes & Noble on Book, Ebook, and Device Selling in the Digital Age
  • Consumer Attitudes and Trends: A Look at Book and Ebook Consumer Buying Behaviors Today
  • Looking Back/Looking Forward

Selected Breakout Sessions:

  • The ABCs of Kids and Ebooks: New Data and Research on the Children's Book Market
  • Evolving Standards and Formats: The Costs and Benefits of EPUB 3 and HTML5 Adoption
  • Getting your Metadata Right
  • Closing the New Book Discovery Gap
  • The Changing Role of Editors
  • Cross-Platform Challenges and Opportunities: The Commercial and Technical Realities of Delivering Content to New Channels

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SKU U6543
Format Download

  • This product provides on-demand access to two full days of general and breakout sessions from Digital Book World 2013.


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2013 Digital Book World Conference On Demand

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  • 2013 Digital Book World Conference On Demand

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