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E2BU Program PLUS Package


Format: OnDemand Webinar

Tuition: $249 for all 9 E2BU WEBcasts, Enhanced Ebooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Authors and Publishers, and DBW Membership

Enhanced Ebook University (E2BU), presented by Digital Book World and the Idea Logical Company, is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and current program of its kind for publishing professionals.


Everyone is talking about enhanced ebooks, but nobody seems to know exactly what they are. What are our options for enhancement? How much does it cost? Who makes enhanced ebooks? Do we outsource the workflow? Can we create it in-house? Do we even have the rights?

Before publishers integrate enhanced ebooks into their business model and develop marketing strategies, they need E2BU. We gather the top publishers, agents, developers, and experts together to explore all the options, now and in the future, in a practical, business minded approach.

There's no fluff, no tech jargon, no fawning over devices – E2BU's 10 sessions zero in on the unique issues publishers need to understand to craft competent enhancements that satisfy readers and sell books.

Here's what you'll get:

The 100 page report, Enhanced Ebooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Authors and Publishers, authored principally by Peter Meyers, with an introduction by Mike Shatzkin, founder and CEO of the Idea Logical Company,

Session 2: Changing Rights Models for Enhanced Ebooks
Session 3: What Is an Enhanced Ebook?
Session 4: Making Sense of Platforms for Enhanced Ebook Delivery
Session 5: Enhanced Ebooks and the Social Web
Session 6: Choices and Challenges For Enhanced Ebook Production
Session 7: The Brave New World of Ebook Analytics: Enhanced Marketing Intel for Publishers
Session 8: Collaborating with Authors on Enhanced Ebooks
Session 9: Marketing Enhanced Ebooks
Session A: Enhanced Ebooks for Authors


DBW Membership gets you exclusive access to our archives, more WEBcasts, audio, video, and big discounts on future offers. There's no better time to join this thriving community of publishing's most forward thinkers.

Benefits of membership include:

• Unlimited Access to On-Demand Conference Video and Audio
• Unlimited Access to On-Demand WEBcast archives
• Unlimited Access to The Roundtable archives
• Exclusive content and resources from industry experts
• 40% Discount on all DBW Intensive WEBcasts
• 40% Discount on all DBW Intensive Seminars
• 10% Discount on all Books
• Exclusive early bird rates for the Annual Digital Book World Conference

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Author/Speaker/Editor E2BU
Format OnDemand Webinar

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