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Enhanced Ebooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey For Publishers and Authors

By Peter Meyers

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Enhanced eBook University (E2BU), presented by Digital Book World and the Idea Logical Company, is the most comprehensive, authoritative, and current program of its kind for publishing professionals.

Enhanced eBooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Authors and Publishers, by Peter Meyers with an introduction by Mike Shatzkin, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to learn about the rapidly expanding market of enhanced eBooks and be fully equipped to develop effective, profitable digital strategy. This 100 page report is not intended to teach technology - rather, it teaches you to think creatively and substantively about how to apply technology to create more appealing and useful eBooks and how to know whether or not you're succeeding in that attempt.

From the general, including an overview of each area of trade publishing has explored eBook enhancement and a catalog of options, to the specific, including how to make the difficult decision of whether to outsource development and minimize cost, the survey provides the background every decision maker must possess. Along with the WEBcast series that follows the release of Enhanced eBooks Today and Tomorrow: A Survey for Publishers and Authors, this is an essential resource for anyone interested in the future of publishing.


Pete has worked at the intersection of writing and technology for more than two decades. He's currently writing "A New Kind of Book". Part how-to guide, part inspirational call-to-action, it seeks to answer the basic question: what can digital books do that can't be done in print? The heart of the book is a "catalog of ideas": a collection of dozens of ready-to-use digital book features, most of which Pete designed himself, supplemented by a best-practices tour of other innovators' work. Previously he co-founded one of the first multimedia textbook publishers (Digital Learning Interactive, sold in 2004 to Thomson Learning). He has written extensively about the strange and wonderful effects of computers on mainstream culture for many publications, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Salon, and the Village Voice, and he is the former associate publisher of O'Reilly Media's Missing Manual series.

Mike Shatzkin is the Founder & CEO of The Idea Logical Company and of He has four decades of experience as a published writer and working in all aspects of the publishing industry – writing, editing, agenting, selling, marketing, and managing production. He is well known for providing insight into the knottiest questions of the industry, old and new. Mike's writing has appeared in Publishers Weekly, The Bookseller, Publishing News, and Publishing Research Quarterly, among many other publications. A sizeable sample of that material can be reached through the website.
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Author/Speaker/Editor Peter Meyers
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