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Ebooks In House: Producing Clean Kindle Files from ePub

By Joshua Tallent

Format: OnDemand Webinar

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An Intensive WEBcast series, available on-demand, presented by Digital Book World.

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Following the successful Ebook 202 Design/Production WEBcast Series, Joshua Tallent, Founder and CEO of Ebook Architects, is back to help professionals involved in digital book production fix the most persistent problems in ePub and Kindle file creation with Ebooks In House: The Complete Guide to Optimizing Your Ebooks.

Who is Ebooks In House For?

This series of WEBcasts is perfect for design and production professionals working in publishing. If you are responsible for ebook creation, quality assurance, or clean up from outsourced conversions, this series was created for you.

Note: this is a technical WEBcast series best suited for those who have a basic understanding of HTML / CSS.

What you'll learn in this session, Ebooks In House: Producing Clean Kindle Files from ePub:
  • How to fix common errors that occur through automated conversion from ePub to Kindle.
  • Formatting complicated indents that will scale from the smallest to the largest screens.
  • How to create better looking lists and best practices for tables.
  • Need to know specs for images in Kindle format.
  • Creating a usable Kindle workflow that starts with ePub and finishes with great Kindle ebooks.
  • How to plan for limitations in the Kindle format, especially in complicated titles.

About the Instructor

Joshua Tallent has been an eBook developer since 2002. He is an acknowledged expert on the Kindle and ePub formats, and his book, Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide, has been praised as the most thorough explanation of the Kindle format available. Joshua founded eBook Architects, his eBook design and consulting business, in 2008, providing services to both publishers and authors, with a focus on complex projects and enhanced eBooks. He regularly teaches at conferences and workshops about building and designing eBooks, and he is a vocal advocate for accessible, well-designed eBooks. Joshua resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two daughters.

He can be found online at Ebook Architects and on Twitter @jtallent or @ebookarchitects.
SKU W7837
Author/Speaker/Editor Joshua Tallent
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Format OnDemand Webinar

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