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Understanding Hybrid Authors: What The Most Successful Authors Want From Publishers

The Digital Book World and Writer's Digest Author Report Part II

By Digital Book World and Writer's Digest

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Self-publishing has given authors tremendous power in the book publishing industry. No group of authors has taken advantage of their newly found agency like hybrid authors, those who have been published by traditional publishers and have self-published. Successful publishers, self-publishing platforms and ebook distributors will want to cater heavily to these authors to attract their business.

In the last iteration of this series, a report based on a survey of nearly 5,000 authors of all kinds, What Authors Want: Understanding Authors in the Era of Self-Publishing, it was found that hybrid authors have larger online platforms, make more money from their writing and have savvier and more sophisticated opinions about the publishing industry than any other kind of author. In short, they're the authors that publishers and self-publishing platforms covet. With that in mind, this much more focused report dives into the minds of hybrid authors.

What You Will Learn in This Report
  • What hybrid authors want out of publishers and self-publishing platforms
  • What hybrid authors think of agents and career managers
  • How hybrid authors intend to publish their next book and why
  • What publishers can do to lure back those who have gone over to self-publishing
Who Should Buy This Report
  • Publishers
  • Agents
  • Self-publishing platforms
  • Book and ebook distributors
  • Publishing vendors
  • Book and ebook retailers
SKU U9723
Author/Speaker/Editor Digital Book World and Writer's Digest
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