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What Authors Want: Understanding Authors in the Era of Self-Publishing

By Digital Book World and Writer's Digest

Format: eBook

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It used to be called “vanity publishing,” when an author paid to have a book published – usually because they were unable to secure a contract with a book publishing house. The term was meant derisively, as in a vain thing to do.

How times have changed.

Today, self-published authors are seeing both commercial and critical success. In 2012, the number of self-published authors who have made more than $1 million selling books on Amazon grew substantially. Several self-published authors parlayed their self-made success into big contracts with established publishers – often in which the terms were fairly advantageous to the author. The toughest and most-respected book reviewer at the vaunted New York Times named a self-published titles as one of the best of the year.

With the rise of self-publishing, authors have more power than ever before and publishers, agents and others in the publishing industry are scrambling to figure out what authors want.

In this wide-ranging survey, we find out, asking authors everything from what they think of publishers, self-publishers, ebooks, ebook royalties, book advances, agents, libraries and ebooks and much more.

SKU U7107
Author/Speaker/Editor Digital Book World and Writer's Digest
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What Authors Want

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  • What Authors Want

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Authors know what they want Review by Max

Why would authors pay this much money to hear what they already know? Why would publishers pay this much to learn what they've never wanted to know in the past and couldn't care less about? What authors want is to know who to thank for the new conditions that free them from the tyranny of the robber barons of the publishing racket. Human progress is 'who' they should thank, and all those marvelous people and the technology they developed that helped bring us out of the Dark Ages. A great change is under way, and it costs nothing to find out what that change is. The written word is finally free from the clutches of the Pharisees of the publishing industry.

(Posted on 2/16/2013)

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