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What Authors Want: Understanding Authors in the Era of Self-Publishing

By Digital Book World and Writer's Digest

Format: eBook

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It used to be called “vanity publishing,” when an author paid to have a book published – usually because they were unable to secure a contract with a book publishing house. The term was meant derisively, as in a vain thing to do.

How times have changed.

Today, self-published authors are seeing both commercial and critical success. In 2012, the number of self-published authors who have made more than $1 million selling books on Amazon grew substantially. Several self-published authors parlayed their self-made success into big contracts with established publishers – often in which the terms were fairly advantageous to the author. The toughest and most-respected book reviewer at the vaunted New York Times named a self-published titles as one of the best of the year.

With the rise of self-publishing, authors have more power than ever before and publishers, agents and others in the publishing industry are scrambling to figure out what authors want.

In this wide-ranging survey, we find out, asking authors everything from what they think of publishers, self-publishers, ebooks, ebook royalties, book advances, agents, libraries and ebooks and much more.

SKU U7107
Author/Speaker/Editor Digital Book World and Writer's Digest
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What Authors Want

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  • What Authors Want

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